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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Van Tonder, Silna The fourth industrial revolution and twenty-first century employability development has emerged on education and political agendas as a priority all over the world. Researchers have suggested and investigated more innovative Makhetha, Motho Isaiah Teachers are exposed to stressful situations, of which increasing work demands is but one, leading to an alarming escalation of stress and professional burnout as career risks in the teaching profession.

The focus of this Groenewald, Sharlton Delmaine Dissipline in skole en leerders se uitslae het sedert baie verswak. Hierdie studie het die Malatji, Phetole Frank The study aimed to determine the impact of the role of the School Governing Bodies in the schooling system with regard to the implementation of education policies, including the South African Schools Act Act 84 of Bekele Meaza Damtae This study aimed at exploring the level of job satisfaction among academic staff members in Ethiopian public universities. For this purpose, a conceptual framework incorporating group of constructs, namely university Kathrada, Zerina The core role and responsibility of the school principal is to be an instructional leader.

The principal sets the tone in terms of teaching and learning in the school. In this study I focus on school principals at independent Monamoledi, Veronica Mapaseka A categorical analysis perspective considered the evidence of organizational learning that could be found by reviewing the set of documents produced by both WSCUC and the institution as part of the reaffirmation process.

The review applied categorical frames adapted from the core strategies identified in Kezar and Eckel b , the five disciplines proposed by Senge , and the six activities identified in Dill It looked for relationships and interdependencies developed in the content within and between documents. A narrative analysis perspective considered each institution and its relationship with WSCUC through a set of six systemic lenses expanded from the three proposed by Banathy Each perspective yielded insight into how institutions of higher education reflect on and describe an intentional pursuit of organizational sustainability and improvement, as well as how both institutions and their accreditor use the reaffirmation process to understand and support their own organizational learning.

This study supported the position that multiple perspectives can provide better, though not comprehensive, understanding of a system, and that a system can apply these perspectives to design for its intended future. Sterling, Kurt Ralph. The average age of current presidents is increasing and the percentage over 70 years old has doubled. It is unclear who will be their replacements. Many faculty are not interested in moving into administration and those that do transition feel unprepared and overwhelmed. This study evaluated if serving as an academic senate president facilitated learning the skills necessary to become a dean at a California community college.

Four research questions guided the study: 1 In what ways do deans who served as an academic senate president exhibit leadership readiness skills? The quantitative method survey research was used. The survey addressed 12 skills shown previously as necessary for community college administrators.

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Respondents rated their expertise with each skill currently and prior to service. Data were collected regarding participants administrative preparation and demographics. Data were analyzed for deans from California community colleges, 11 had served as a senate president. Findings show that deans with senate experience perceived a greater importance in managing time and documents, leading a group, speaking and communicating succinctly, and being open to new educational theories and ideas.

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They also felt more prepared to research data and find information to make decisions. The demographics of all deans were similar. Senate experience teaches some of the skills required to become an administrator, and senate presidents should be included in campus administrative professional development.

Junge, Teri Lynn. A mixed-methods study examined data derived from surgical technology students who participated in two sequential simulation lab practice attempts related to preoperative surgical case management skills. A comparison group and a treatment group performed the same simulation two times and similar data were collected. Additionally, the treatment group was asked to complete the adult trait hope scale at five intervals and complete a structured reflection activity between the two simulation attempts.

Results of the study demonstrated that participation in a structured reflection activity between the first and second preoperative surgical case management simulation practice attempts did not have a significant positive impact on the outcome of future surgical case management practice attempts in the surgical simulation lab, that a significant positive correlation exists between the students' score on the trait hope scale and the score on the second preoperative surgical case management simulation practice attempt and that participation in a structured reflection activity positively impacts learners' levels of hope.

Theoretical frameworks used to develop the reflection intervention are very general and are easily adaptable to other career technical education contexts where simulations are used. In general, results of this study contribute to improvement of simulation activities related to many career technical education learning experiences and specifically to the limited body of information specifically related to development of surgical skills and surgical technology education.

Improving outcomes in the surgical simulation lab is expected to lead to improvements in teaching surgical technology theory and practice related to surgical case management skills and increase competency of surgical technology students to manage the operative setting, reduce errors, and increase patient safety. Additionally, it is expected that graduates will be better prepared to successfully complete the Certified Surgical Technologist examination administered by the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting, increase graduate employment rates, and increase graduate and employer satisfaction rates.

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Herold, Robert Thomas. There has been an upsurge in student-centered pedagogies as empirical research has demonstrated the benefits of deeper learning, collaboration, and life skills. Empirical studies, in education identify PBL taught students as experiencing increased benefits in the following categories: collaboration skills, critical thinking, solution solving, deeper learning, creates life-long learners, problem solving skills, reflection skills, better retention, and learned 21st-century skills.

The objectives of this study were to identify key predictors of perceived student learning associated with PBL pedagogy and the perceived barriers of utilizing PBL by the faculty. Additionally, this study examined whether there are demographic factors that predict the use of PBL.

The findings indicated the factors learning, demographics, and barriers all related to PBL deployment and sustainability at University-X. As indicated, Participants indicated there were barriers to using PBL. This study benefits researchers, administrators, and faculty on the use of PBL pedagogy in higher education and across all fields of education. This study can also benefit sociologists and psychologists on the factors that play in the decisions to utilize active learning programs.

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Bishop, Andrew Pino. The transition from middle school to high school has been an ongoing challenge for schools and students. The purpose of this study were to determine if the transition programming currently in place at El Dorado High School is a having a positive effect on students regarding grade point average, absences, tardies, and behavioral incidents.

The researcher examined archival data in PowerSchool data system with regards to grade point averages, behavior incidents logged, tardiness and absenteeism data. These data were from the course of 4 cohorted years of all students and high-risk students from four different middle schools transitioning into their feeder high schools in the same district.

Two research questions were developed, and results yielded rejection of the null hypotheses. The results of this study indicated that there were statistically significant differences of the dependent variables grades, absences, tardies, and behavioral incidents among the independent variables School and School Year for all students and high-risk students using the multivariate results. Upon further review of the univariate results, it was shown that there was a variety of results depending on the year and variable analyzed.

For high-risk students, significance was found in the results as the outcomes tended to be in favor of higher GPA, fewer absences, fewer tardies, and fewer incidents at the middle school level. Limitations and recommendations for future research were made that had a focus on expanding the criteria that identified high-risk students and to narrow the focus on certain student populations.

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Ornelas, Nohemy. California Community Colleges are instrumental to creating access to higher education for Latino males, a population of students who tend to have lower college completion rates compared to their non-Latino peers. Programs like Promise support males with improving educational outcomes and academic performance.

This mixed-method study explores the relationships between academic performance measures and demographic variables for Latino males participating in Promise Programs. Multiple linear regressions, a logistic regression, chi-squares, and ANOVAs were used to understand the factors that influence educational outcomes for this population of students. Additionally, focus groups were conducted to learn more about student perceptions and feelings about college and financial aid. This study found that programs like Promise are directly connected to improving persistence, attempted units, and GPA.

Lajoie, Ashley Ryan. With new California legislation focused on completion and equity, California community colleges now more than ever are expected to ensure success of all students. Nontraditional community college students are not completing their courses at the same rates as their younger age peers.

Prior research has indicated nontraditional students face barriers including work and families. Studies have shown a positive correlation between students who implement hope theory and academics. This study examines the impact of hope theory on nontraditional community college students, specifically looking at hope scores, fall GPA, and fall course completion rates. The sample consisted of participants aged 25 or older enrolled at a large California community college. Participants all received a hope scale and were then randomly assigned to one of three intervention groups. The intervention groups were 1 complete the online hope intervention and receive an email check-in 2 complete only the online hope intervention or 3 mindfulness intervention control group.

The dependent variables were hope scores, fall GPA, and fall course completion rates. While the quantitative analysis showed the findings to be mostly statistically insignificant, there were some significant findings with relation to students completing the mindfulness intervention.

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The qualitative results indicated nontraditional students impacted by their families, outside responsibilities, and life events. The practical significance of this study encourages California community colleges to implement short, accessible interventions to help nontraditional community college students complete their academic goals at the same rate as their traditional peers. Bernal, Carolyn Anne. The underrepresentation of female superintendents leading school districts today continues to be a persistent educational problem. There are many qualified women actively seeking the superintendency; however, gatekeepers such as school board members and search firm consultants control the gates and channels of the superintendent selection process through which a candidate must navigate that result more favorably for men than women.

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This quantitative study included a few embedded explanatory qualitative questions. The purpose of the study was to examine search firm consultant attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions about the qualities, characteristics, and attributes a superintendent candidate should have in order to determine if their views were a contributing factor to the gender inequity that exists.

Findings suggest that search firm consultants do not consider themselves gender biased yet they hold implicit and unconscious biases related to gender stereotypes and gender assigned qualities, characteristics and attributes commonly held by society which may be a contributing factor to the underrepresentation of female superintendents and have implications for future aspiring female superintendents. Raigoza, Alison Meghan. Educational professionals may not have the knowledge, experience, or confidence to effectively integrate these students in the general education setting.

The study found that the most significant ratings of the barriers to inclusion included lack of communication between educational professionals, limited knowledge in how to respond to behaviors, and limited classroom management skills. The results, as supported by current research, indicates that there is a need for professional development among educational professionals, focusing on how to respond to behaviors and classroom management skills. Aiello, Alexandria Joy. This dissertation examined the discourses of power that aspiring female administrators have access to, are influenced by, and actively use as part of their leadership narratives while seeking leadership roles.

This study employed a 2- phase qualitative approach and involved two interview protocols. The first interview phase was a standardized open-ended protocol that utilized the round 1 principal interview guide questions from the American Association of School Personnel Administrators and participant responses were provided in writing using an electronic form. The second phase utilized a general interview guide approach that allowed for the same core questions to be answered and provide the opportunity for follow-up questions based on participant responses.

Participants in this study were aspiring female administrators that were enrolled in an administrative services credential program in the state of California including programs located in the north, south, central valley, central coast regions of the state.

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A total of seven programs participated in the study including three university-based programs, three county office-based programs, and one online program. From the seven programs, 75 aspiring female administrators participated in Phase 1. Phase 2 included a total of 31 interviews. All six deductive codes were identified, and all but coercive power revealed sub-themes in addition to the deductive codes. The open coding process revealed one additional theme that was not being the best candidate for the position.

qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations
qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations
qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations
qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations
qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations
qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations
qualitative educational leadership dissertations Qualitative educational leadership dissertations

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