Is essay a bad word in spanish

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At the end of the day, the best way to learn is to have a conversation with native speakers. Philip Rossen Mar 30 :. Misty Apr 4 :. Who cares if you say "coche" instead of "carro"?

CHINGAR: The Most Important Mexican Spanish Slang Word

If you say "coche" instead of "carro" in countries where "coche" doesn't mean "car", they'll find it weird but they'll understand through context. If you say "carro" instead of "coche" in Spain, same thing. Funny thing is, in Spain "carro" means "cart. I'm sorry your friend Walter didn't have patience with you, and honestly I'm also angry that he discouraged you from using Duolingo. I used to be a language teacher and never in a million years would I have snapped at somebody and told them to "stop it" because I didn't like the words they were using. Your friend totally knew that you meant "car" and he should have just shut up.

You have to cut some slack to someone who is making an effort to learn a new language. Ibrahim Apr 8 :. You are right it is ok to make mistakes when learning a language, it ends up being the only effective way. Marty Apr 23 :. I'm days in on Duolingo Italian and I can barely count to ten, but I can zip through lessons like a Duolingo pro, let alone keep up a conversation. As I don't have access to speak directly with others, I'm trying to supplement my learning with other resources. Coffee Break Italian is a good podcast that explains a lot of what Duolingo doesn't.

Slow News in Italian and Italian movies will hopefully help my listening comprehension. I'm sticking with Duolingo because I am learning something and the gameification helps keep me consistent.

But alone, I don't believe it can teach a language. Loly Apr 26 :. Omara May 13 :. I was racing through lessons before travelling to a Spanish speaking country for the first time; and let me tell you this.. I am very comfortable around people, can have a conversation where both sides understand each other.

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I was afraid before i land, but once started talking with locals, oh man, i have never felt more confident and proud. And every day i finish one level from each of those 3 and level up the new lesson to level 3 So this means Complete one of those level 5, level up on of the 4s to 5, level up one of the 3s to 4 and level up the only one at level 3 to level 4 and start a new lesson and level it up to 3. For all new duolingo users, don't get demotivated or listen to this..

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I see it's all about the approach: Planning, commitment, positive attitude, motivation and believing. Justin May 28 :. I think it's important to recognise two things about duolingo - thing 1, it uses "Spaced Repetition" which is a proven way of committing lots of things to memory more effectively than just rote beating it into your brain. Thing 2, I think of language learning like building a house. Duolingo is giving you the wood and the nails oversimplified house building, I know and even the instructions.

You can go out and build your house, and with no house-building experience it is going to suck, and the process is going to be long and brutal and you're going to feel a right idiot most of the time. But if you build some houses, you'll get better at it. So, no, you can't count to ten, you mix up your el and la, but you learn that with time and use. You'll find the same thing in Japanese, with wa and ga. It's something that everybody gets wrong forever, you just get less bad with it eventually. TL;DR don't be discouraged and don't discount what Duolingo can do.

There are lots of Spaced Repetition based learning utilities out there and this one is particularly well put together. But also set your expectations reasonably, and talk to people, look a fool, and get better. ALSO - for people having a hard time finding language partners, there are services like italki that set you up with native speakers all over the world so you can chat via Skype. And if you're in a decently sized metropolitan area you can usually find people who want to do a language exchange. Adam Jun 10 :.

I have been learning Norwegian through Duolingo primarily. There is a lot of merit to what others have said in that Duolingo is not the ONLY thing you work with or use to learn a language. In fact there are plenty of errors in the Norwegian course and these are often highlighted in the discussion forums. In addition to Duolingo, you need to immerse yourself in the language as best as you can, as practically as you can.

The New World and Spanish Conquistadors Essay

Often, I challenge myself with translating Norwegian subs in English TV programs thank you NRK and you would be surprised at how much more difficult it is compared to sitting there doing Duolingo lessons. Lesson of the day: Duolingo is a useful tool as a part of a suite of tools that you resource and use to learn your new language.

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Fer Jun 27 :. Hey, thanks for sharing this! I just discovered the app and I thought it was incredible What Cinderella rides, the carriage, we say "carruaje" Maybe your friend was having a bad day haha. Ibrahim Jun 27 :. Thank you so much for your comment. I hope you find someone to converse with in your new languages :. Sam Jun 30 :. I just want you to know that in most of Mexico, we say coche.

Spanish varies wildly from region to region, and your friend sounds like he is dead set in his ways.

Jan Jul 13 :. Duolingo really helped me to improve my Hebrew and my Portuguese. It sounds like you expected Duo to fulfill miracles. Learning a language always requires more than one learning source! But Duo is a great one of them, if used properly! Ibrahim Jul 13 :. Jan, If you learn Japanese with a teacher, isn't he responsible from telling you there is such thing as Kanji? Well, that's what Duolingo failed to do. Heather S. Jul 15 :. I stumbled upon this article while reading about Duolingo through the years I started using it around January Most of the Italian I knew prior to taking lessons while doing a program called the Add1Challenge came from Duolingo.

I couldn't speak a lick of the language beyond, "Ciao! Mi chiamo Heather, e tu? I'm sorry your friend was so harsh with you. All of my friends get super excited when I try to say things in their native languages. Unfortunately if you don't use it, you lose it. Through the years I've realized that Duolingo cannot be the sole resource but it is a decent start. I question though the lesson order as being able to greet people seems a higher priority than knowing that "tu oso bebe cerveza" o "il tuo orso beve birra". Ibrahim Jul 16 :.

I'm coming really late to this party. I recently signed up for Duolingo. To me, it's just another tool to add so that I can iterate the language.

¡Qué coñazo!

I don't expect Duolingo, or any program or even a class or a teacher to bring me to even semi-functional fluency. Aka - the fluency of a toddler who wants something. Maybe I'm missing the point. Sure, Duolingo touts gamification. But is it really a game? Isn't it just a bunch of test questions But it's just a bunch of test questions. And testing is one way to practice and learn. It may not work for other people. I do find value in the forum. There, I find other people who had the same question I had. Other times, I kick myself because I should have considered gender when describing something.

is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
is essay a bad word in spanish Is essay a bad word in spanish
Is essay a bad word in spanish

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