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Informative essays provide general information for the reader. Informative essay topics geared toward middle school students focus on student hobbies and activities such as information about the history of football, skateboarding or gymnastics. Middle school history and science teachers frequently require informative writing to help students learn to use research. Sample topics for this essay type include biographies of famous politicians and informative accounts of important scientists and inventors.

The descriptive essay type asks middle school students to write about an object, person, situation, experience, emotion or place from a personal perspective. Students use more personal interpretation in this writing assignment compared to the informative essay. Descriptive essays help students develop vivid language skills and incorporates description that uses the student's senses. Essays written in the storytelling format typically spend less time on details compared with the descriptive assignment. Sample middle school topics ask students to write about favorite clothing, most embarrassing experiences and times when the student felt strong emotions such as fear or anger.

Demonstration essay topics follow the how-to format and explain a process.

Middle school writing assignments for this essay type ask students to select a prompt to write about a process that the student feels comfortable completing. Authors with experience in cooking or sports frequently select topics demonstrating how to cook pasta or kick a field goal. The topics have a narrow focus so that students can complete the demonstration process in the number of words required by the assignment. Overly general topics, such as how to cook meals, take too long to detail, while topics too focused, such as how to dial a phone, fail to offer enough information for the student to write a well-developed essay.

50 Narrative Essay Topics

The narrative essay type used in middle school classes ask students to tell a story or describe a student experience. It is best if teachers come up with a variety of ideas in advance. The resource section of this lesson includes some helpful websites. Step 2 : Students can then choose one occupation they would really like to learn more about. Students or Teachers Can Have Choices.

Step 3 : The teacher or students decide on the type of essay to write about future employment from the previous list in the lesson. One or two weeks may be appropriate. Students need to take copious notes during their shadowing experience, interview or research.

If students are completing an interview, they need to have eight to ten questions prepared in advance. Complete the Writing Assigment. Step 5 : After students have completed their shadowing, interview or research, they need to write an essay.

For middle school students, the essay could be a five-paragraph essay. For older students, the essay could be considerably longer.

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A grading rubric can be created so that students know how papers will be graded. Some grading criteria could be the following: content, organization, transitions, sentence fluency, writing conventions, voice, etc. Step 6 : After students have written a rough draft and a final copy of their writing piece, they should present it to the class.

Students can learn about a variety of professions during the sharing of papers. This lesson on future employment choices will allow students to find out more about a future career.

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It can be fun and it will be educational. In addition, the essay easily connects to the English Language Arts writing standards and indicators. Future Career Ideas , from Kids.

middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons
middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons
middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons
middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons
middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons
middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons
middle school essay lessons Middle school essay lessons

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