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It was decided to select a specific project usually the lead project within a library as the basic unit.

This is because the libraries are responsible for a wide range of activities and trying to cover all of these would dilute the focus on the electronic publishing projects. A case study may be about single or multiple cases. It is possible to generalise from single cases in some analytic way but multiple-case studies can strengthen or broaden such generalisations similar to the advantages of multiple experiments.

In the latter case, one might expect different results but for predictable reasons.

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Because of the exploratory mode of the research, it was not possible to determine before the data collection process the most appropriate theoretical base to use to guide project selection. The decision was therefore made to select projects that differed on a range of measures: organisational structure, geographical location still important in this increasingly wired world , and type of published product.

This provided the greatest coverage and best chance of identifying patterns of difference or similarity. The selection technique was based on first investigating candidate projects via a structured literature and Web search. The research sites were selected to provide a sample of leading-edge projects details of the projects are discussed below. The geographical range of the selection ended up encompassing both coasts of the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.


No Australian projects of which there are a number were included in this phase; the organisation funding this phase the Victorian Association for Library Automation required that projects studied be located outside Australia. Together the projects selected provide a good picture of the diversity in the field. Little relevant activity seems to be occurring outside the countries selected. Given the extremely fluid nature of the electronic publishing field, specific comments about the projects are only valid as of early December, the end of the data collection process.

Four tests that are commonly used are to assess if the study has construct validity , internal validity , external validity and reliability.

Yin argues that these tests should be applied throughout the case study process: during design, data collection, data analysis and reporting Following these recommendations will "increase the quality of your case study tremendously, and overcome traditional criticisms of the weakness of case study research" [Yin, , p. Table summarises 11 recommended tactics covering theses four tests and also indicates the ways in which the research design and conduct for this case study responded to these recommendations.

Use of interviews, documentary evidence and physical artefacts. Interview data both taped and transcribed in real time; multiple evidence sources entered into customised object-oriented database. Two conference papers and one journal article based on case studies reviewed by key informants before publication.

Not performed in this research, but under consideration as part of follow-up work. Not used because of exploratory nature of research and lack of existing theory. Same data collection procedure followed for each case; consistent set of initial questions used in each interview. Interview transcripts, other notes and links to online and physical artefacts entered into database.

Bestselling Series

Over the years, COSMOS has successfully completed hundreds of projects for federal agencies, state and local agencies, and private foundations, and most of this book's applications come from these projects. Yin has assisted numerous other research groups, helping to train their field teams or to design research studies. A recent engagement has been with the United Nations Development Programme, and another assignment has been to provide guidance to assist doctoral students at the University of Copenhagen.

Currently, Dr. Earlier, he served as Visiting Scholar at the U. Government Accountability Office's research methodology division. Yin has authored nearly journal articles and books. His first book on the case study method, Case Study Research: Design and Methods is in its fifth edition.

Case Study Research: Design and Methods - Robert K. Yin - Google Buku

He has edited two case study anthologies Yin, ; and and has most recently authored a new text on qualitative research methods Yin, Yin received his B. Providing a complete portal to the world of case study research, the Fourth Edition of Robert K. Yin's bestselling text "Case Study Research" offers comprehensive coverage of the design and use of the case study method as a valid research tool.

This thoroughly revised text now covers more than 50 case studies approximately 25 per cent new , gives fresh attention to quantitative analyses, discusses more fully the use of mixed methods research designs, and includes new methodological insights. The book's coverage of case study research and how it is applied in practice gives readers access to exemplary case studies drawn from a wide variety of academic and applied fields. The fourth edition highlights each specific research feature through 44 boxed vignettes that feature previously published case studies.

It provides methodological insights to show the similarities between case studies and other social science methods. It suggests a three-stage approach to help readers define the initial questions they will consider in their own case study research. It covers new material on human subjects protection, the role of Institutional Review Boards, and the interplay between obtaining IRB approval and the final development of the case study protocol and conduct of a pilot case.

It includes an overall graphic of the entire case study research process at the beginning of the book, then highlights the steps in the process through graphics that appear at the outset of all the chapters that follow. It offers in-text learning aids including 'tips' that pose key questions and answers at the beginning of each chapter, practical exercises, endnotes, and a new cross-referencing table. Read more Read less. Review Yin is an excellent writer for introductory students in Qualitative Case Study. Webb About the Author Robert K. No customer reviews.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. December 6, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. As a doctoral student, I purchased this book when a research professor at my university recommended it. I can see why! Since I am considering using the case study process for my dissertation research, this book helped me visualize how it might work. Yin filled the book with cogent examples from many fields, with references to find the original study.

These examples were both relatively current and from decades past; this range of times helped me see the growth in the case study process and its breadth of applicability.

am.mlsit.ru/js/winixyp/605.html The book is not a follow-the-numbers process by any means, no cookie-cutter here. Instead, it contains a structured process from beginning to end, including analysis and reporting.

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