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The foundation of Romantic period music coincides with what is often called the age of revolutions , an age of upheavals in political, economic, social , and military traditions. This age included the initial transformations of the Industrial Revolution. A revolutionary energy was also at the core of Romanticism , which quite consciously set out to transform not only the theory and practice of poetry and art, but the common perception of the world.

Some major Romantic Period precepts survive, and still affect modern culture. The world transitioned from 19th-century Romanticism to 20th century Modernism , bringing major musical changes.

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In 20th-century music, composers and musicians rejected the emotion-dominated Romantic period , and strove to represent the world the way they perceived it. Musicians wrote to be " While past eras concentrated on spirituality , this new period placed emphasis on physicality and things that were concrete.

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The advent of audio recording and mass media in the 20th century caused a boom of all kinds of music—pop, electronic , dance, rock, folk , country and all forms of classical music. Media related to Musicians at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Musician disambiguation. For the philosophical position on science, see Instrumentalism.

Written by Beatritz de Dia. Further information: Medieval music. Further information: Renaissance music.

Further information: Baroque music. Further information: Classical music.

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Dad played alto saxophone, performing with a big band in Williamsburg, Va. Both my siblings played instruments from a young age, as well. Music joins people together in a unique and lasting way.

I continue to play with musicians from the University of Delaware and with those from the Delmarva and Baltimore area. Music brought my husband and I together, when he attended a woodwind quintet concert at UD, prior to going out on our first dinner date.

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He continues to support me with my musical commitments, as well as our daughters, all of whom played musical instruments at the county and state levels. The creative process is an integral part of making music. It starts from within your soul and heart. You need to be able to take black notes on a page and make them into an expressive, rich and beautiful musical creation.

All my work paid off, and I gained a trophy and another enriching experience from playing the viola. Operation Military Kids is an U. Army organization connecting with America's communities to support children….

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After suffering from Parkinson for twelve years, my grandfather passed away. On the day he…. Twitter Facebook. Lynn Lubell. Share This.

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essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician
essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician
essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician
essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician
essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician
essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician
essay on being a musician Essay on being a musician

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