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What matters to you? What are you hoping to do in the world? Your academic transcript, your curriculum vitae and your reference letters will provide the substantive detail of your commitments and accomplishments, but this essay gives you the opportunity to cast the overarching narrative for the selection committee.

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In this essay, specifically, you will address your general interests and activities and what you plan to do with your life once you have completed your studies; discuss your aims and priorities and the contribution you have made and would like to make to society; indicate the course of study and degree you wish to follow at Oxford; and demonstrate that you are able to meet the requirements of the specific course you have chosen. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their ideas for personal statements with the Director of Fellowships before writing them.

About the Rhodes Scholarships

Within the Rhodes application you will need to check an attestation that you have not received feedback on your essay. Here are the terms of what you will need to "sign": I attest that this personal statement is my own work and is wholly truthful. Neither it nor any earlier draft has been edited by anyone other than me, nor has anyone else reviewed it to provide me with suggestions to improve it. I understand that any such editing or review would disqualify my application. Note : While the Personal Statement is the only essay you will need to write for your Rhodes application, it is a requirement of admission to all post-graduate, and some other courses, to submit samples of written work to the University of Oxford.

The regulations concerning this can be found on the web pages of the University of Oxford: www. Some courses also require successful completion of the GRE. Further, if you wish to undertake a DPhil, you will need to provide a brief outline of your proposed research and list one or more researchers under whom you would like to work in Oxford.

These materials will only be required of you once you are selected as a Rhodes Scholar and the Trust is presenting your application to Oxford. However, you should prepare all of these materials ahead of time so that you can swiftly submit them when it is time to do so. This document, which may be up to two pages long no smaller than 10 pt , should list academic qualifications, prizes, scholarships, positions of leadership, employment positions, involvement in student, voluntary, community or political activities and any cultural, musical, or sporting accomplishments.

Do not include a photo on it. This is different from a work resume. Applicants should seek advice from the Director of Fellowships on the resume. Transcripts official from all study abroad or transfer institutions, as well as from Amherst College. Order AC transcripts here. Order a hard copy that you can scan both sides , or have it sent to the Office of Fellowships and we will scan and send it to you.

Do not order electronic versions that require the reader to have a password. The Rhodes application only allows one document in this section, so you must combine all of your transcripts before upload.

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Photo : A head and shoulders photo in jpg format. In addition to educational costs, Rhodes Scholars receive a maintenance allowance for term-time and vacation expenses.

Selectors who compose Rhodes Scholarship committees come from fields including academia, law, government, medicine, and journalism. Given the prestige of the Rhodes Scholarship and the staggering competition, many applicants struggle with the fact that they are limited to two fairly short writings in their applications.

Candidates provide a list, not longer than two pages and in a font size no smaller than 10 points, of activities and honors in college, and a word essay setting forth personal aspirations and detailing a specific plan of study for their proposed academic work at Oxford. Needless to say, these documents are scrutinized with great care by selection committees.

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The list of activities and honors should be selective and grouped logically into categories, as in a resume or curriculum vitae, and some very brief description could be used amidst this list to give context as necessary. Most important, though—in that the writer has the opportunity to interpret and persuade—is the writing of the personal statement. Excellent Rhodes personal statements are infused with concrete examples, a self-reflective tone, a showcasing of priorities and service, and an overall picture of yourself as a person of accomplishment and character.

Some applicants make the mistake of seeing the essay as an academic mini-thesis or a narrative resume, while others treat it as an exercise in purple prose. Some even seem to make a demand for the scholarship or grovel at the feet of the selectors.

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The two sample Rhodes statements provided in the pdf below are interesting to contrast with each other, in that the first student aims to study health, disease, and culture and the second to study British literature. Also, one writer links herself directly to Oxford only in the final paragraph, while the other links herself throughout. One of the most striking features of the first sample is its introduction, in which the writer places herself soaked in sweat and deep in thought on a mound of rock in northern Kenya, contemplating the fate of a Homo erectus woman who died 1.

rhodes scholarship successful essays Rhodes scholarship successful essays
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rhodes scholarship successful essays Rhodes scholarship successful essays
rhodes scholarship successful essays Rhodes scholarship successful essays
rhodes scholarship successful essays Rhodes scholarship successful essays
rhodes scholarship successful essays Rhodes scholarship successful essays
rhodes scholarship successful essays Rhodes scholarship successful essays

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