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Devoting sufficient time to planning and structuring your written work while at university is important, but when it comes to that all-encompassing dissertation, it's essential that you prepare well. From settling on a topic and coming up with a title, to the moment you hand it in, the process is guaranteed to give you feelings of excitement, self-doubt, panic and euphoria.

See our 5 ways to manage student stress. Irrespective of whether it's your undergraduate, Masters or PhD dissertation you're gearing up for, the following pointers should help keep you on track. It's vital that your research topic is something you find engaging and meaningful - perhaps an issue that fits with your career aspirations, and is important to the wider academic community, says Dr Alex Patel, learning development adviser at the University of Leicester's Learning Institute.

If you're struggling for ideas, you can research course materials, academic journals, newspapers and other media, to identify current issues that relate to your field and to find some inspiration for your dissertation subject. Additionally, Alex recommends that you work with your supervisor to agree a clear focus or research question, benefitting from their understanding of the research area, appropriate methods, and what might be achievable within your time frame. Once you've summarised your findings, think about how they link back to your justification of why this is an important question or topic.

Christie Pritchard, learning development adviser at the University of Plymouth, recommends that you familiarise yourself with your faculty's ethics protocols, module handbooks and referencing style guides to prevent any silly, costly mistakes. Before you begin to plan, make sure you understand what's expected of you. You should find out:. Alex advises students to ask questions of other dissertations or academic writing in their chosen discipline, including:.

Finally, Alex points out that you can consider developing a shared understanding of what a dissertation is, through discussion with your supervisor. Christie suggests that once you've settled on your topic, you're then ready to write a dissertation proposal. By demonstrating how your research area is relevant, your introduction, literature review and methodology will become easier to tackle.

A quick tip—dissertation formatting

Sticking closely to a plan will help you remain focused without getting too overambitious with your research, which increases your chances of developing a strong and coherent argument. Knowing where your ideas are headed will ensure that you remain on track and only relevant points are made. If the direction does shift somewhat, there's no problem with adjusting your plan - but your title, headings and content will have to be revised accordingly.

Talking through your revised dissertation plan or structure with your supervisor can help you stay focused on the research, and determine if it's logical. As you consider what needs to be achieved by the submission deadline, Christie recommends that you factor in time for:. This careful approach can be rewarded by the end result, suggests Alex, who also recommends Gantt charts as a useful tool for planning the research and writing process for some writers.


When you're ready to begin writing, aim for a suitable target - for example 1, words each week, as this can be both motivating and productive. Start writing straight away, and use the writing process as a tool to help you better understand the topic. Check that you've addressed everything you want to cover once a section is complete.

Each should serve its own particular function, linking well with the rest of the content.

Editing can be the beginning, not the endpoint of your writing,' says Alex. You should frequently back up, make research notes and maintain a comprehensive list of your sources.

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Alex's colleague, Marta Ulanicka, also a learning development adviser at Leicester, stresses the importance of maintaining a questioning and critical mindset throughout the dissertation writing process - both in relation to your own work and findings, as well as those of others. You'll also need to explain your reasoning to the reader. An assessor cannot give you the credit for forming a strong argument unless you provide evidence of how you reached a particular conclusion.

As well as ensuring your bibliography contains plenty of references, make sure you've paid attention to the correct spelling of names and theories. A thorough editing process is vital to ensuring you produce a well-structured, coherent and polished piece of work. Leave yourself sufficient time to engage with your writing at a number of levels - from reassessing the logic of the whole piece, to proofreading, to checking you've paid attention to aspects such as the correct spelling of names and theories and the required referencing format.

The University of Leicester's The art of editing study guide suggests a five stage process to dissertation writing and provides further guidance on what might be involved at each stage.

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In addition to ensuring your main argument is supported by relevant citations, also make it clear to the reader that you're aware of the contributions of the most influential theories and research within your topic - as not doing so might make a writer appear ill-informed. We have handled the hardest of dissertation papers before, and there is no reason we cannot tackle yours too.

How to Beat Procrastination and Finally Write Your Dissertation

We have never turned down a client because their paper was too challenging for us. So, what makes us ideal for writing your complex dissertation topic? The dissertation writer we give will not just be an expert in academic writing but also a highly-qualified one in your particular field. Additionally, our writers have at least five years of experience handling different tough topics in their area of specialization. That means that the expert you get has probably dealt with an almost similar topic as you have chosen or a paper in the same research area as you intend to explore.

This profound experience also means that our team can never go wrong in writing your paper. Experience and knowledge alone are not enough for excellent dissertation writing. In-depth research is also needed. So, to make sure your topic is adequately explored and that the information presented is accurate, we will embark on thorough research before writing. But it does not mean that you cannot achieve the grades you deserve because your grammar is not as good. The only way to have a paper ready by the deadline if you are writing on your own is to start immediately it is assigned and then keep the same momentum until it is complete.

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However, we provide a convenient way to do your paper and free you from an obviously tedious task. You may simply not feel like writing your dissertation. We will write a full custom dissertation or continue from the point you have reached. And you get to oversee the process of writing remotely. We give you loads of benefits when you hire our quality services.

Some of these include:.

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write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you
write your dissertation for you Write your dissertation for you

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