Model narrative essays for secondary school

Firstly, once you start from the middle, the transition to the start is normally tricky and can if not handled properly, it will leave your markers in muddled thoughts and like mentioned earlier, most of the markers are cooped in a small cold room, with piles of scripts in front of them and so patience is on a thin line. Secondly, you have already revealed major plot points to the reader before he or she knows anything about the context or the characters.

Hence, when the story is building up to the climax once again, the reader will know what to expect and get bore out by all the details leading to the already revealed climax. There are plenty of ways you can start your essay just not the 6 I mentioned above.

A Note About Form: Personal Narrative or Short Story?

You can start with a hook, quotes, a saying or a fact and explaining and linking it to your narrative. The start and end of the essay is usually the most crucial since it is the first and the last impression you will be giving to the reader. It is where the marker will decide if you are an A grader or you belong somewhere else.

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February January December November July June He started to tremble violently, as if another person had entered his body. Once again, he dived into the pool before the whistle was heard. His family, friends and coach gasped in horror, unable to believe their eyes. A humiliated Benson emerged from the pool and immediately stormed out of the stadium.

A Plethora Of Writing Examples For Middle School (& High School)

His loved ones chased after him and everyone ended up at the rooftop. Benson was in a state of fluster. The voice in his head was making all kinds of nasty remarks about him and he could not shut it out. Everyone is here to laugh at you! Benson turned around and looked at his loved ones. All of them were very concerned and anxiety was written all over their faces. Nevertheless, the troubled boy saw an entirely different picture. They were staring at him wide-eyed, trying to stifle their giggles. Then, he spread his arms and threw himself off the building. A flicker of smile crossed his face as the voice in his head finally stopped.

Secondary 3, , English Tuition. Can you imagine living without money in this day and age? It has been said that money makes the world go round. Everyone seems to be working tirelessly for money. Even students are studying hard so that they can get a well-paid job and earn lots of money in future. Although I think money cannot buy happiness, it is something that we cannot live without. It is clear that money cannot buy happiness as many people who work hard and long every day for money are often very unhappy.

Most of them do not even have time to spend their hard-earned money due to heavy workload or long working hours. They have no time or energy for leisure activities and needless to say, their family and friends hardly get to see them too. This can make them feel lonely and depressed. Thus, working hard for money does not bring happiness but instead misery in this case. Worse still, money is often the main culprit that ruins relationships. People frequently fight over money and this can become a very serious problem, whether it is between friends or family members.

For instance, it is not uncommon to hear of family members fighting over inheritance or longtime business partners squabbling over money-related matters. In some cases, ugly lawsuits ensue and relationships are destroyed forever. What then is the point of having lots of money when there is no one to share it with? However, from a different perspective, money can sometimes make one happy. For some, earning enough money to pay their monthly bills and put food on the table makes them happy. For others, it could be saving up enough money to buy things of their interests or go on a dream vacation.

Having some savings instead of living pay cheque to pay cheque also gives one peace of mind. After all, a person cannot possibly be happy if he or she is constantly worrying about running into financial difficulties. That said, money does not guarantee contentment. Money often rears its ugly head and ruins relationships.

One also has to make sacrifices such as lack of family time in the pursuit of wealth and material comforts. Therefore, to be happy, I think one must realise that there is more to happiness than money. Meet here at four-thirty! Our mission that day was simple. We were having a competition and the best picture with the most apt caption would win a prize.

The flora and fauna at Lower Pierce Reservoir was stunning.

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Birds were twittering away gaily on the trees, bees were humming and dancing in the flower beds and the leaves on the tree branches were swaying gently in the breeze. I closed my eyes and felt the breeze caressing my face. Just then, I saw a troop of playful monkeys near some shrubs. Having rarely seen monkeys, I was naturally excited.

I found them so adorable and charming. However, there was one bold monkey which was unperturbed by humans and shot us a curious look. The monkeys all looked scrawny and hungry. I saw a couple of them rummaging through the dustbin. My heart wrung with sympathy for them. Remembering that I had some leftover sandwiches from recess, I zipped open my bag and fished out my lunch box. Albus seemed to have read my mind.

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I brushed off his concern and edged closer to the monkeys. They might become aggressive! Anyway, what could a mere small monkey do to me? With a piece of bread in my hand, I edged closer towards one of the monkeys which was nearest to me. The monkey seemed to have noticed me and when it spotted the piece of bread, it started scuttling towards me. Albus looked worried and warned me again.

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I was sure I knew what I was doing. The puny creature could not possibly do any harm to me. The monkey looked more curious and friendly than belligerent. Its piercing green eyes were fixed on the food which it was about to get.

Writing A Good Narrative Essay - Tutorial School Bishan Singapore

I stretched out my hand and offered the piece of bread to the monkey, which wore a look of happiness. It swiftly snatched the bread over, which disappeared down its throat in two seconds flat. Then it stared at me, as if thanking me for the delectable treat. Victorious looks spread across my face as I whipped around and looked triumphantly at Albus. Albus just sighed. My best friend still looked concerned. From my school bag, I pulled out a packet of potato chips, which was my snack. Suddenly, I heard some monkeys chattering behind me.

I turned around and almost jumped out of my skin. Dozen pairs of green eyes were staring at me. More monkeys had emerged from the shrubs and there were at least ten monkeys around us.

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Where did all these monkeys come from? I had no idea that my packet of potato chips was like a magnet to the ravenous monkeys.

model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school
model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school
model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school
model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school
model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school
model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school
model narrative essays for secondary school Model narrative essays for secondary school

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