Sonia gandhi essay in marathi

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Check your email, discount code is already there. Academic Level. Estimated Date:. On May 22, , while swinging through Tamil Nadu, a key state in south India, he was killed by a young female assassin. The woman was a member of the Tamil Tigers, a band of militants who were fighting for a separate state in northeast Sri Lanka a country just south of India.

Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi along with Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh Met with Sheikh Hasina

After her husband's assassination, Sonia Gandhi was devastated. She became a virtual recluse for the next six years, spending most of her time with her children and rarely leaving her home. She did break her silence twice. In Gandhi published a book called Rajiv, which offered an unexpected glimpse into the life she shared with her husband.

Sonia Gandhi

In she went into more detail when she published Rajiv's World. She also preserved her husband's legacy by traveling throughout the world and establishing trust funds in his name. Remembering him in such ways provided at least some degree of healing. Throughout her seclusion, representatives from the Congress Party CP sent appeal after appeal to Gandhi asking her to be their leader.

The CP, once the strongest party in India, had never recovered from Indira Gandhi's death, and by the s it was in serious decline. Since most of India still revered the Gandhi name, representatives believed that Sonia Gandhi would offer the best hope of infusing new life into their party. Time and again Gandhi refused their offers.

7 Facts About Indira Gandhi

In , however, realizing that the CP was in dire need, she agreed to formally join their ranks. Although she had no political experience, Gandhi threw herself into the legislative campaign. She made more than stops throughout the country, delivering speeches to packed audiences. And, even though she spoke in a very soft voice and in heavily accented Hindi, she touched the people of India. It may have been partly because she was seen as a grieving widow, or because voters saw her as a reminder of the party's past glory, but the CP was re-energized and Gandhi emerged as a political power in her own right.

Gandhi gained so much popularity that members of opposing parties, especially the BJP, saw her as a very real threat. In an attempt to undermine her credibility, they attacked her verbally and in the press, focusing on a single issue: Gandhi had no right to be involved in politics because, having been born in Italy, she was a foreigner. It did not seem to matter than Gandhi had become an Indian citizen in Such attacks did little harm, however, since most of the voting public did not consider Gandhi to be an outsider.

She has learned all about India and made herself an Indian. In fact, she is a good example of a good Indian woman. Although the CP made a good showing in the elections, gaining twenty-eight seats in Parliament, the Bharatiya Janata Party came out the ultimate winner when it formed a coalition government with seventeen other lesser parties. It was, however, a short-lived victory. Shaky to begin with, Vajpayee's government remained intact only until April of , which meant that elections had to be held again in the fall of the year. In the meantime Gandhi was elected president of the CP, and it seemed possible that another Gandhi would soon be in the country's top position.

Once again the question of Gandhi's right to be involved in politics came into play, although this time the outcry came from several top members of her own party. Not wishing to divide the group, Gandhi resigned. The CP refused to accept her resignation, however, and instead fired the members who had dared to oppose her. When the October elections rolled around, it was still not clear whether Gandhi was the favored CP contender for prime minister.

As it turned out, the point was not an issue, since the CP had a poor showing, capturing only seats. The BJP claimed victory, with seats, and Vajpayee once again formed a coalition government. This time, Vajpayee managed to install a relatively stable coalition, and the BJP would remain in control for the next five years.

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In the same election Gandhi ran for two parliamentary positions, including the seat in Uttar Pradesh which Rajiv Gandhi had once held. Candidates in India are allowed to run for two seats simultaneously; if they win both, they must choose which post to take. Gandhi ultimately won both seats, but chose the district her husband had represented.

Under BJP rule the country seemed to prosper, and by Vajpayee was claiming credit for turning the economy around. True, big business was booming and India was advancing technologically, but millions of rural Indians living in poverty were not benefiting from BJP reforms. According to statistics reported by CNN in , half of the Indian population was living on less than two dollars a day.

Sonia Gandhi Biography - life, family, children, parents, name, story, history, wife, mother, young

However, Vajpayee was so confident that voters were behind him that, although national elections were slated for October of , he called for polls to open six months early. Gandhi again hit the campaign trail, covering approximately forty thousand miles in the months prior to the elections, and spending long days speaking in sweltering heat that soared over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

For most of her appearances she dressed in a simple white sari, which is the symbol of widowhood in India. She also spoke simply and plainly, and made a direct appeal to the nation's poor. In direct contrast to Vajpayee, who touted big business, Gandhi's campaign, according to Egbert Bhatty of the Washington Dispatch, focused on "unity, tolerance, and love among all men. When elections began in April, voters turned out in droves. Almost four hundred million people went to the polls, and after all the ballots were counted in May, there was a surprise upset. The CP, along with its coalition allies, captured seats, a slim majority, but a majority nonetheless, in the Lok Sabha.

sonia gandhi essay in marathi Sonia gandhi essay in marathi
sonia gandhi essay in marathi Sonia gandhi essay in marathi
sonia gandhi essay in marathi Sonia gandhi essay in marathi
sonia gandhi essay in marathi Sonia gandhi essay in marathi
sonia gandhi essay in marathi Sonia gandhi essay in marathi
sonia gandhi essay in marathi Sonia gandhi essay in marathi

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