Not lowering the drinking age essay

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To get this law pass, the congress tried to strongarm the states, if the states did not comply, the government would take away their highway funds. Both arguments for it to be lowered and to. These massive numbers bring about an important realization: alcohol is a huge issue in America today.

3 States Consider Lowering the Drinking Age

Although the problem is evident in Americans of all ages, the biggest issue is present in young adults and teens. In fact, teens begin to feel the effects of alcohol twice as. It has lasted over the years as a popular way to rebel against parents, or other authority. Lowering it will get rid of this quality.

The drinking age is set too high and I believe. This issue has been going on for years, but the law has not been changed since the change to twenty-one in States have become stricter about preventing under-age drinking, but teenagers have no problem getting alcohol.

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There are many arguments in favor of changing. The Drinking Age For many reasons, the drinking age has been set at twenty-one years old, but has the time come to lower the drinking age? Many argue that the drinking age needs to be lowered back to eighteen for many reasons; however, studies and statistics show that lowering the drinking age is harmful and even deadly. Some people believe that binge drinking can be solved by lowering the drinking age, but lowering the drinking age is not the solution to binge drinking.

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  • Many teenagers spend their. The controversy on the proper drinking age is one that has been repeatedly discussed and researched over the years. Useful assignment tips with references and guidelines.

    Against Lowering Drinking Age to 18

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    There has not been a single scientific study of the effects of DARE that has found it to be productive. There have even been some studies that have found that the students who were exposed to DARE ended up using more frequently or more heavily.

    There has been a natural experiment going on with young people and drinking for thousands of years. There are a number of groups in which young people drink alcohol — Greeks, Italians, people from southern France, Portugal, Spain. That said, I advocate a qualified drinking age for adults 18 and over.

    Is lowering the drinking age a good idea?

    I propose issuing drinking learner permits for people of that age. They would have to complete a very specified alcohol education course and have no alcohol-related offenses.

    21: Is It Time to Lower the Drinking Age?

    The idea would be to prepare them to be safe drinkers and to help them learn about drinking appropriately if they choose to drink. James C. Binge drinking among 8th, 10th and 12th graders has been steadily going down since the drinking age was raised to In , it was at an all-time low for 12th graders, many of whom are Back in the s, a number of states lowered the drinking age from 21 to 18, and we saw an increase in alcohol consumption by youth. When you see younger people starting to drink, if they combine that with driving it results in a lot of fatalities.

    not lowering the drinking age essay Not lowering the drinking age essay
    not lowering the drinking age essay Not lowering the drinking age essay
    not lowering the drinking age essay Not lowering the drinking age essay
    not lowering the drinking age essay Not lowering the drinking age essay
    not lowering the drinking age essay Not lowering the drinking age essay

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