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Maddow, is a former United States Air Force captain who resigned his commission the year before her birth and then worked as a lawyer for the East Bay Municipal Utility District. Her paternal grandfather was from a family of Eastern European Jews the original family surname being "Medwedof" who self-identified as Polish and Russian at the time of their arrival in the United States. Her paternal grandmother was of Dutch Protestant descent.

16 Things You Should Know About Rachel Maddow

Maddow has stated that her family is "very, very Catholic " and she grew up in a community that her mother has described as "very conservative". Referring to John Hughes films, Maddow has described herself as being "a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl" in high school. While a freshman, she was outed as a lesbian by the college newspaper when an interview with her was published before she could tell her parents.

She earned a degree in public policy at Stanford in She had also been awarded a Marshall Scholarship the same year but turned it down in favour of the Rhodes. Maddow's first job as a radio host was in WRNX She entered and won a contest the station held to find a new second lead for the show's principal host, Dave Brinnel. Maddow described herself on air as "nervous".

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Keith Olbermann complimented her work, and she was brought back to host Countdown the next month. The show she hosted was the highest-rated news program among people aged 25 to The initial reviews for the show were positive. Of her collegial relationship with Roger Ailes of Fox News , whom she sought out for technical advice, Maddow said she doesn't want to talk about it because "I don't want anybody else to use it. It was a nice thing that he did for me, and it's been valuable for me—it helped me get an advantage over my competitors. Maddow has stated that her show's mission is to "[i]ncrease the amount of useful information in the world.

Maddow often begins her broadcast with a monologue , some of these have extended over twenty minutes. About this process she has said, "The thing that defines whether or not you're good at this work is whether you have something to say when it's time to say something. Because you're going to have to say something when that light goes on I want to have something to say that people don't already know every single night, every single segment, and that makes it hard to get the process right, because that's the only thing I care about.

Maddow had repeated a Daily Beast story which identified an OAN employee as also working for Sputnik News , which is owned by the Russian government-owned news agency Rossiya Segodnya , and has been accused of deliberately disseminating disinformation, and is often described as an outlet for propaganda. In December , The Washington Post announced that Maddow would write a monthly opinion column for the paper, contributing one article per month over a period of six months. A Hollywood Reporter profile of Maddow said that she was able to deliver news "with agenda, but not hysteria".

Welton Gaddy remarked that "Rachel's passionate coverage of the intersection of religion and politics exhibits a strong personal intellect coupled with constitutional sensitivity to the proper boundaries between religion and government". A Time profile called her a "whip-smart, button-cute leftie". It said she radiates an essential decency and suggested that her career rise might signify that "nice is the new nasty".

'The Rachel Maddow Show' for Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Distinguishing herself from others on the left, Maddow has said she is a "national security liberal" and, in a different interview stated that she is not "a partisan". Maddow opposed the invasion of Iraq. In February , she said: "We say that Vietnam changed our politics forever. But less than 40 years after this, again, a campaign directed at the highest levels of government to get us to agree to a war based on something that did not happen the way they said it happened. It was a months-long campaign in and , and it worked In three weeks, the CIA pulls together what normally takes months.

It is delivered just seven days before the congressional vote By the end of , the U. The stage is set for war. During the presidential election , Maddow did not formally support any candidate.

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Concerning Barack Obama 's candidacy, Maddow said, "I have never and still don't think of myself as an Obama supporter, either professionally or actually. In , Republican Senator Scott Brown speculated that Maddow was going to run against him in the Senate election. His campaign used this premise for a fundraising email, although Maddow repeatedly stated that Brown's speculation was false.

Brown continued his claims in Boston media, so Maddow ran a full-page advertisement in The Boston Globe confirming that she was not running and separately demanded Brown's apology. She added that, despite repeated invitations over the months, Brown had refused to appear on her TV program. Maddow has suggested that the alleged Trump-Russia collusion has continued beyond the presidential election.

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That Putin most feels competitive with? That Putin most wants to beat? It's the CIA, right?

Following the October murder of Saudi Arabian dissident journalist and Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi , Maddow argued that Donald Trump 's business ties to Saudi Arabia are raising some troubling questions. Maddow has dealt with cyclical depression since puberty. Because it was nobody's business.

But it had been helpful to me to learn about the people who were surviving, were leading good lives, even though they were dealing with depression. So I felt it was a bit of a responsibility to pay that back. Maddow invited Ullman on her show and interviewed her in January Maddow appeared at the start of Trump: The Rusical on RuPaul's Drag Race season 11 as the star of a mini-challenge where the contestants had to dress up as Maddow and read from a teleprompter.

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Castro Valley, California , U. Television host political commentator author.

Main article: The Rachel Maddow Show. December 20, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved May 21, San Francisco Chronicle. Retrieved January 15, The Valley Advocate. Archived from the original on February 3, Retrieved June 18, Bay Windows. Retrieved September 8, Archived from the original on November 7, Retrieved November 14, And then you figure out the connection between yourself and that trigger. The openly gay, 6-foot-tall Rhodes Scholar, who lettered in three high school sports and favors dorky-looking, chunky black eyeglasses off the air, has become an object of desire.

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She is often a guest on other personality-driven shows, brewing carrot soup with Martha Stewart one night, mixing retro cocktails for Jimmy Fallon on another or sitting beside David Letterman and teaching him, with a bumper-car analogy, why the economy crashed. I think that it was [partly because] I was probably starting to figure out that I was gay, although that was all a very nebulous thing.

I felt like [the AIDS movement] was a righteous thing that was happening around me that I had some connection to. And so that meant doing work in prevention and awareness. Which was soooooo fun. So she concentrated her studies around HIV. And I wrote my undergraduate ethics thesis, my honors thesis, on dehumanization and the AIDS movement.

And there were a few other groups too. It had a very specific remit and was really involved in concrete policy stuff. It was not only trying to make cogent, build on and publicize the incredible work that was being done by activist prisoners who were HIV positive or who were HIV activists inside prisons…but also to just get these in-their-face, ostentatiously horrific prison policies changed.

It stayed with her at Oxford and upon her return to America in , inspiring her as she finished her thesis after settling in rural western Massachusetts, a locale she thought would offer few distractions. But it was her auditioning for yet another part-time job that would begin to lead her away from the world of AIDS activism. It was for local radio, The Dave in the Morning Show.

Rachel Maddow – The Thesis Whisperer

But by , when she was offered a full-time job at the newly formed Air America, she decided to take it. And contribute to the overall level of discourse and debate on the subjects I am discussing. Has her AIDS work in any way influenced her broadcast approach? In , Maddow received a bachelor's degree in public policy from Stanford University. Her work earned her a Rhodes Scholarship, making Maddow the first openly gay U. Maddow applied her scholarship toward attending Oxford University, where she obtained her doctorate in political science.

In she auditioned for Air America, a newly founded liberal radio network, and held a co-host position until the show was cancelled in In June , Maddow drew attention when she became too emotional to read a breaking news report about the separation of children from parents who illegally crossed the Mexico-U. Additionally, Maddow became a best-selling author with the publication of Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power , which examined American policy and legislation in that area from recent decades. Maddow came out about her homosexuality when she was a year-old freshman at Stanford.

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